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I have a BA in journalism and started out as a freelance editor and writer in my 20s. After the arrival of my second child in 2008, I began writing about the life-altering journey of birth and how it changes us forever. Realising that a new fire had been lit under me, I paused my writing career to become a doula and then, eventually, a midwife. I left clinical practice in 2020, shortly before Overdue was published. Now, I'm lucky enough to combine my two passions: pursuing and strengthening my writing career, while continuing to do advocacy and consultancy work in maternity care. I am currently working as the Training and Resource Lead for maternal and reproductive rights charity White Ribbon Alliance

I live in West Sussex with my husband and our two teenage children. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, listening to music and podcasts, reading and cooking. I love autumn, coffee, trees, and books. My idea of hell is an indoor swimming pool. 

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